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Fully-managed enterprise-scale web data extraction and integration service. Your one-stop shop for transforming websites into actionable data.

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The CrawlNow Advantage

One premium service that fulfills all your web data needs. You tell us what data you need and how often. We set up and schedule scraping jobs in our cloud, monitor them 24x7 and deliver data as a feed or via API.

Faster Time-to-Market

Get that mission-critical data in days, not months. Our powerful platform allows us to set up scraping without custom code.


Up to 75% cheaper than on-premise solutions, simply due to economies of scale.


Any number of websites, hundreds of millions of pages, small refresh cycle? No problem!


No need to invest in IT infra or operations for on-going web data needs. Let the experts do it for you!


On-time delivery, no excuses. When page layouts change, we automatically detect and adapt. You won't even notice.

Data Quality

We'll never compromise on data accuracy and completeness. Our promise!

How it works?

We're obsessed with making access to web data hassle-free and low cost.

Make a request

You tell us which website(s) to scrape, what data to capture, how often to repeat etc.


An expert analyzes the specs and proposes a lowest cost solution that fits your budget.

Work in progress

We configure, deploy and maintain jobs in CrawlNow cloud to extract data with highest quality.

Your data is ready

You download it from CrawlNow portal, in the format of your choice, or have us upload to S3 (or similar).

What our customers are saying

“CrawlNow helped us source some business critical data 70% faster than how long it'd have taken had we built bots in-house, all with a reasonable price and excellent customer support."

“CrawlNow has been a reliable provider and the data feeds they provide are always complete and accurate. Very happy to partner with this team for our ongoing data needs."

“CrawlNow solved some fairly complex web scraping problems for us, at a massive scale. In the previous world, our data ingestion pipelines were broken often, which would take the focus away from my team. No more!"