Data Solutions For Equity & Financial Research

Leverage Web Data To Make Well-Informed Financial Decisions

From equity research to asset management, venture capital investment and stock trading, data is of prime importance to the finance sector today. In the rapidly advancing financial industry, the only means of survival is to hoard and analyze big data and make informed choices.

While the alternative web data is a premium resource for asset managers, drawing it in a reliable and regular manner is a job best left to the experts. CrawlNow can scrape web data for you from a variety of online sources, and deliver it regularly as structured data feeds ready to be imported into your favorite analytics tools. 

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Gain Competitive Advantage in Investment and Equity Research Industries

Aggregate financial data from several online sources to power equity research.

Respond to the changes in market sentiment by analyzing data sourced from public discussion boards, news articles and social media websites.

Make smarter investment decisions by analyzing financial data extracted from various regulatory filings and financial statements.

Common Use Cases Of Web Data In Equity Research and Financial Industries

Strategize Investment Decisions For Your Clients With Aggregated Financial Data

Well-evaluated investment decisions come from thorough, high-quality equity research. Whether you wish to perfect investment decisions for your own funds or looking to enhance the services of your equity research firm and offer more value to your clients, web data is the key. 

The internet is swarmed by valuable financial data in the form of financial statements, balance sheets, quarterly and annual reports and more. Leave it to CrawlNow to extract useful information from websites and deliver it to you in a structured, easy-to-understand format. Use this data to build a comprehensive investment portfolio that will mitigate risks and maximize profits.

Derive Actionable Data By Following The Latest Trends In Financial Market

What’s the hottest investment of the day? What’s the world talking about? Scraping the latest updates from discussion forums and blogs can give you deepest insights into the financial market and provide an edge over the competition.  

CrawlNow can regularly extract and deliver information from any number of public sources, ready to feed into analysis tools to predict the evolving trends in the finance sector. Tweak your decision making to make more profit out of the trending highlights of the market.

Stay Ahead In The Game By Powering Data-Backed Sentiment Analysis

Other than official information in the form of SEC filings and insights in the form of news articles and blogs, you are not in the lead unless you keep a close eye on social media pages and discussion boards. Customers and those involved in investment trading as part of their job will voice their ideas on social media. Follow online discussions closely to stay tuned with the most profitable opportunities and seize them in time before others.

Well-scraped data from social media websites, discussion boards and review sites is a goldmine for research analysts. CrawlNow provides accurate, relevant data to conduct sentiment analysis and derive the insights that will keep you ahead in the game. Stay abreast of the customer’s sentiments and put your money on the winning horse!

Make Game-Changing Stock Market Predictions By Analyzing Large Volumes Of Data

Harnessing big data in stock trading is more important today than it was ever before. Investment firms follow lifestyle changes, trends, technological advancements, balance sheets, company portfolio and several other factors before deciding on the equities to trade.  

You can focus on the bigger picture and derive profitable stocks while CrawlNow sources all the necessary data for you to make it all possible. Whether it’s stock data, aggregate data, or publicly available SEC filings, there’s no limit to the resources CrawlNow can extract for you. Leverage ready-to-use, structured data to drive advanced stock trading algorithms and make strategic investment decisions that you won’t regret.

Create Superior Insurance Models By Analyzing Alternative Web Data

If your insurance business is not taking advantage of the large volumes of data to design policies and plans, you are not performing to your utmost capacity in the global market today. Play the wild card and boost your services with alternative web data which your competitors are yet unaware of. 

With data extraction services offered by CrawlNow, insurance professionals can leverage information from less traditional sources, such as customer sentiments, ratings and background data from across several platforms. Alternative web data in a format of your choice helps insurers assess cost, compare competitor’s pricing models, and mitigate risks. Adjusting insurance models with regularly scraped data from CrawlNow helps you stay abreast of the dynamic market.