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Complete web scraping service for any business size
Fully-managed Data as a Service, no IT infra required
Zero learning curve, just tell us what data you need and we'll take care of the rest
Faster and cheaper alternative to hiring a web scraping developer
Any website(s), scale and speed
Free project assessment
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Turn websites into actionable intelligence

The best data about your competitors, customers and market exists out there on the web. We can turn it into usable, structured feeds. Some example use cases across a few industries we serve.

Data Solutions For E-Commerce & Retail

E-Commerce & Retail

  • Monitor competitors' prices, inventory, performance, best sellers etc.
  • Enrich product attributes by gathering product codes, specs, images & more
  • Sentiment analysis & brand affinity
  • Monitor minimum advertised price (MAP) violations
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Data Solutions For Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

  • Automated monitoring of competitor prices and inventory
  • Capture images & descriptions to enrich online travel listings
  • Customer sentiment monitoring
  • Market intelligence
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Data Solutions For Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

  • Lead generation & market research
  • Monitoring brand reputation
  • Competitive research, market analysis, trend analysis, etc.
  • SEO & content marketing
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Data Solutions For Equity & Financial Research

Equity & Financial Research

  • Market data aggregation for equity research
  • Sentiment analysis by monitoring news articles, social media & discussion boards
  • Capture data from SEC filings, financial statements, etc.
  • Alternative web data
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Data Solutions For Jobs & Staffing Agencies

Jobs & Staffing Agencies

  • Market demand analysis by monitoring job boards (Ed-Tech)
  • Lead generation by analyzing job listings
  • Research & analytics - top in-demand skills, top locations etc.
  • Tracking competitors' job postings to uncover their next big move
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Data Solutions For Healthcare & Pharma

Healthcare & Pharma

  • Acquire datasets for AI/ML model training from healthcare discussion forums and a range of other sources
  • Data aggregation for building healthcare applications, sales leads etc.
  • Assist new drug development by analyzing big data from the web
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Other Industries

Other Industries

  • Real Estate: Mine public records to generate leads, extract estimates & predictions data from listing websites, predict trends
  • Government & NGO: Source data for prediction modeling, monitor social trends
  • Academia: Gather data for research, machine learning model training, natural language processing etc.
  • Insurance: Risk mitigation, monitoring rating changes
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How it works?

Simple & easy 4 step process. Our domain expertise and quality of service will make data acquisition feel like a breeze.

Make a request

You tell us which website(s) to scrape, what data to capture, how often to repeat etc.


An expert analyzes the specs and proposes a lowest cost solution that fits your budget.

Work in progress

We configure, deploy and maintain jobs in CrawlNow cloud to extract data with highest quality.

Your data is ready

You download it from CrawlNow portal, in the format of your choice, or have us upload to S3 (or similar).


Pricing to suit any data acquisition project

Our team strives to get the right data to our customers at the lowest possible prices. We continuously invest in technology and process optimizations to drop the cost of acquiring web data.

One-time Acquisition

What’s included:
Free project assessment
Any website(s), any # of pages
Sample datasets before final delivery
A range of output formats & cloud delivery options
Data coverage guaranteed
Data quality checks

Continuous Feeds

/ Month
What’s included:
Periodic data refresh - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
Full or incremental data feed refresh
No IT infra required, all jobs run in CrawlNow Cloud
24x7 monitoring & maintenance
On-time delivery, no excuses
Dedicated customer support


What’s included:
Solutions that scale with you
Enterprise service-level agreements
Legal & GDPR compliance review
24x7 monitoring & maintenance
24x7 customer support

Build web data pipelines with confidence

Our unrivaled domain expertise & scalable technology allow us to serve data needs of any business, from startups to Fortune 100s.

CrawlNow helped us source business critical data 70% faster than how long it'd have taken had we built bots in-house, all with a reasonable price and excellent customer support.

CrawlNow has been a reliable provider and the data feeds they provide are always complete and accurate. Very happy to partner with this team for our ongoing data needs.

CrawlNow solved a complex web scraping problem for us, at a massive scale. In the previous world, our data ingestion pipelines were broken often, which would take the focus away from my team. No more!