Data Solutions For E-Commerce & Retail

Leverage Web Data to Gain An Edge Over the Competition

From retailers to manufacturers, data is the key resource in today’s market. Sourcing and analyzing data from competitors’ and partners’ websites helps you understand the market, and unfold new opportunities to scale your business. 

Where gathering this data manually can be time-consuming and error-prone, CrawlNow solves the challenge. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we can crawl any number of websites at any scale, delivering the data as machine-readable, high quality, structured feeds.

Do you want to explore how E-commerce data can help amplify the growth and productivity for your retail or manufacturing business? Let’s chat. 

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Data-Driven And Automated E-Commerce Is The Bare Necessity Of The Modern Dynamic Market

Outsource your web data dependencies to automatically receive data from several e-commerce websites at a frequency of your choice.

Track top-selling products and customer sentiments with high quality, structured data gathered from multiple e-commerce sites, channels and partners.

Monitor e-commerce sites to gather valuable insights on product performance and drive informed business decisions.

Common Use Cases Of Web Data In E-Commerce, Retail And Manufacturing

Optimize Pricing Strategies By Monitoring Competitors

Devising competitive pricing strategies involves gathering and comparing pricing information from your competitors. Don’t let your customers switch to other brands for better prices anymore. Schedule once-off or regular fetching of pricing data from multiple sources with CrawlNow. 

Receive the price data in the destination of your choosing, compare competitor’s prices with your own and monitor price gaps. Equipped will all the right data, make informed decisions and set the ultimate price benchmarks that customers won’t resist and will bring the highest profits just the same.

Enrich Product Listings & Improve SEO With Supplemental Data From Manufacturers’ Sites

How do you source descriptions and images to add to the products on your online store? Fetching product name, model number, image, descriptions and other data for every product in your inventory doesn’t sound like a day’s work - and it isn’t!

Copying data manually from manufacturers' websites or requesting and waiting for the manufacturer to send you this data wastes valuable time. Why not save all this time you spend extracting data and convert it into productive time you can spend selling products instead? 

Let CrawlNow extract and deliver descriptions, images and other attributes from all the right sources, ready to enrich your own product listings. While we efficiently and accurately deliver you that data, you can focus on bigger goals.

Upgrade Your Inventory By Assessing Top-Selling Products At Competitors’ Websites

E-commerce data scraping can give you exclusive insights on the ever-changing customer habits and the evolving market trends. CrawlNow can deliver high-quality structured feeds from data available anywhere on the internet, which can be analyzed for strategic decision-making to keep your business ahead in the dynamic online market.  

What’s hot in your competitor’s store that you don’t have? Track products and sales data from any number of retail sites to monitor how their products are performing and explore fresh opportunities for your own store. Revamp your inventory with the top-selling products marketed at intelligent prices that won’t fail to tempt customers, while maximizing your sales.

Monitor Minimum Advertised Price Violations

If you’re a manufacturer, tracking your product’s performance on different E-commerce sites and ensuring if the retail partners are complying with the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies are among your top priorities. 

Manually visiting different sites to check for MAP compliance isn’t efficient at all, especially with the constantly changing prices and frequent sales. What you need is the regular delivery of product prices, ready to use for further analysis. Schedule hourly, daily, or weekly deliveries to your database with CrawlNow and use the data feeds to create alerts for MAP violations. Automating and streamlining MAP enforcements simplifies the problem far beyond your expectations, relieving your time and focus for doing what you do best - sell products. 

Integrate Customers’ Feedback By Powering Sentiment Analysis

What are your customers saying about your products? Scrape customer reviews and ratings across multiple websites, and comments from online discussion boards, to monitor customer sentiment. By analyzing all this information for some common keywords like ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘worst’, 'helpful’, and ‘love’, you can gain actionable intelligence on the customers’ take on your products. 

Let CrawlNow handle all the work for sourcing that data. CrawlNow generates and delivers spreadsheets with columns for product names, ratings, keywords, reviews or customized to your specific requirements. The machine-readable, structured data can directly be fed into advanced NLP models or simpler analytics tools to infer what customers are saying about you.