Data Solutions For Marketing & Sales

Use Web Data to Boost Your Marketing And Sales Efforts

Structured web data, in the form of lead lists, aggregate reviews, competitor data and more, is an invaluable resource for marketing professionals. They can leverage this data to acquire useful insights in market trends to drive traffic, generate qualified leads and boost sales.

Do you want to source the right data that gives you an edge over competition? CrawlNow can help!

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Turn Websites Into Actionable Business Intelligence

Inform your SEO strategies by monitoring your position against different keywords on search engine result pages.

Help increase your customer base by assembling highly targeted lead lists derived from a variety of online data sources.

Monitor brand reputation and product review ratings by scraping customer reviews from multiple sources. Derive valuable insights to optimize your marketing spend.

Common Use Cases of Web Scraping For Marketing and Sales Professionals

Level-up Your Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the preliminary steps to expanding your sales. Yet, 68% of businesses struggle with lead generation. CrawlNow offers the simplest solution that can help you acquire and structure thousands of quality leads almost instantly! Without spending time learning a self-service scraping tool or hiring a developer to write web scraping programs, CrawlNow enables you to collect leads, with fields like name, location, zip code, email, website, phone number etc, from multiple sources on the internet. You can further optimize scraped data by filtering based on keywords to find your qualified leads for outbound campaigns.

Boost Your SEO Efforts Through SERP Scraping

If your business has a website, making it appear higher in search engine results will be one of your top priorities. Elevating your website’s position in search results is synonymous to driving more traffic to your website.

Web data extraction on search engine results based on keywords and rankings helps marketing professionals establish criteria that search engines consider relevant for the niche. SERP scraping can be automated to pull data daily, helping you comprehend how rankings change over time. This scraped data is the goto resource for marketers for improving their content and keyword usage to drive more traffic.

Monitor Brand Reputation by Analyzing Customer Reviews

In the competitive market of today, businesses need timely input from customers to incorporate their suggestions into products and services. Also, it is extremely important to  timely respond to changes in public sentiment.  However, it is very time-consuming, and most of the time even practically impossible,  to manually track customer feedback that is available online in the form of reviews and discussions.

CrawlNow simplifies the process for you. We will scrape customer reviews from several sources and regularly deliver them in a structured format, which can be conveniently fed into different analysis tools. With the actionable insights gathered through these analysis, you can hone your business to deliver the best customer experience in the market.

Stay On Top Of Trends By Scraping Social Media Pages

More traffic is concentrated on social media websites than anywhere on the internet. Social media pages are a valuable resource for analyzing activities and trends and upgrading your own business accordingly. With social media scraping, you can find potential followers, gather comments and analyze customer sentiments. By analyzing conversation based on certain keywords, you can understand what the customers are saying about you on social media and use it for improving your public relations responses. 

That’s not all! With CrawlNow, you can scrape social media to identify micro-influencers you can employ for influencer marketing. You can also extract followers from competitor’s social media pages for lead generation, compare businesses by analyzing keywords in customer reviews  and much more!

Market Research

Keeping a close eye on market trends requires dealing with plenty of real-time data and gathering data at scale. CrawlNow’s web data extraction services harness the power of data available on the internet to build trend analysis based on criteria that are meaningful to your business. Analysis based on pricing, ratings, product placements, keywords and customer sentiments can empower market researchers in providing strategic solutions. Both real-time and historical web data may be scraped to provide valuable information in little time. 

Further, CrawlNow lets you leverage web data extraction to predict customer demands in real-time and plan accordingly. Gather pricing, popularity and inventory data to understand profitability and generate competitive pricing structures in real-time. The possibilities are endless.