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Leverage Jobs Data to Drive Talent Acquisition And Fuel Lead Generation

Whether you’re a staffing agency, run an online job board, or do demand research or lead generation for an ed-tech platform, sourcing and analyzing jobs data can help revolutionize your existing business model. 

Relieving you of the hassle of extracting data manually or hiring developers to do it for you, CrawlNow can fetch job posting data from thousands of websites and deliver it as high-quality structured feeds at regular time intervals. 

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Jobs Data Extraction Can Help Fuel Growth Across Many Industries

Regularly pull job listings feeds from thousands of companies’ career websites, across various industries, to populate your job board.

Take your talent acquisition strategies to the next level by sourcing and analyzing job feeds and compensation data from popular job boards.

Analyze jobs data to identify job market trends, key skills in demand, top locations with high growth prospects, and more..

Common Use Cases Of Web Scraping Across Different Industries

Market Demand Analysis By Monitoring Job Boards (Ed-Tech)

98% of US businesses planned to invest in Ed-Tech in 2020. Businesses prefer purchasing Ed-Tech courses to train their employees in the desired technology rather than increasing their workforce. That’s where your Ed-Tech business can make its mark by delivering the right product.

CrawlNow offers solutions to crawl data from job boards at scale and provide it in structured, machine-readable formats. This data can be fed into analytics tools to accurately pinpoint the in-demand skills. Target the right skill set to build your content inventory based on popular demand by employers and boost your sales. 

Further, help candidates of your courses find the right jobs that match the new skills they acquire through your Ed-Tech platform. Extract, filter and display jobs based on qualifications, skills, location, salary range and more to bring more value to your customers.

Generate Sales Leads By Analyzing Job Listings

Job postings data, available on online job boards and companies’ careers websites, is a great resource for generating sales leads across many industries. CrawlNow will regularly scrape and structure this data, and deliver it to you as a clean data feed. The feeds can be delivered in different file formats (CSV, JSON, XML etc.), and to a destination of your choice, be it FTP, AWS S3,  Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage or something else. Filter the scraped data based on location, industry or keywords and track companies you want to target for outbound campaigns. 

Further, staffing agencies can automate their lead generation processes with the fresh job postings available from CrawlNow on a regular basis. With company profiles and job postings available in a structured format and using job-matching software to match your candidates to the right job postings, you can connect employers with the talent of their choice.

Keep Customers Engaged With Top In-Demand Skills, Top Locations Etc By Powering Research & Analytics

Resourceful insights gained from jobs posted on the internet can be a gold mine for many industries. If you’re involved in a real estate business, for instance, job web data extraction helps you monitor and identify potential industrial hubs where companies are hiring and the most highly paid jobs are appearing. These are the spots where estate prices will shoot up in the coming years. Invest on the right estates before others do. 

If you’re a job board owner, optimizing your job listings to cater to the in-demand skills, top employers and industries can be the deciding factor that raises your odds in competition. With CrawlNow, we deliver you what you want so you can drive your automated operations and focus 100% on research and analysis that will scale your business. 

Stay Up To Speed On Your Competitors' Moves By Monitoring Their Job Postings

Competitors might not share their business secrets on the web, but job postings is one area where they will let their guard down. That’s where you can leverage web data extraction to run data-driven analytics and understand what skills, qualifications and technologies they are hiring for. By judging their focus in the recruitment sector, you can unveil their latest strategies and upcoming products. Compare their goals with your own and fine-tune your business model to take the lead in the competition.

Craft Game-Changing Recruitment Strategies by Exploiting AI-Based Solutions

Finding the right person for the job can involve several hours of going through CVs and filtering out the good fits if done by headhunters. Let AI-based job matching software do the first round of screening for you so the recruitment experts can conveniently review and choose out of the shortlisted candidates picked by the job-matching software. 

Gain competitive advantage in the industry by harnessing the boundless data on the web. Instead of scouring through tens or hundreds of candidates manually, let the machine scan thousands of candidates and deliver the best match within seconds. CrawlNow collects machine-readable job listings data and candidate profiles for you at scale in plug-and-play format. Feed them into a job matching software to find the ideal future potential employees for your organization.

Source Talent by Analyzing Professional Social and Alumni Networks and Developer’s Communities

The web is brimming with immeasurable talent just waiting to be extracted. Find the right candidates that will take your business to new heights before your competitors pick them off the market. 

If you own a staffing agency or are responsible for an organization’s recruitment processes and are looking for a specific set of technology skills, you’ll need to assess web data at scale from the right sources. Web scraping professional social networks, alumni networks and developer’s communities can help you source the right talent.