No matter which industry, the best data about your competitors, customers and market exists out there on the web. CrawlNow scrapes and delivers web data as structured feeds or API, at any scale, when and where you want it.

Check out how web scraping can help make better decisions and gain competitive advantage for your industry.

E-Commerce & Retail

  • Monitor competitors' prices, inventory, performance, best sellers etc.
  • Enrich product attributes by gathering product codes, specs, images & more
  • Sentiment analysis & brand affinity
  • Monitor minimum advertised price (MAP) violations
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Data Solutions For E-Commerce & Retail

Travel & Hospitality

  • Automated monitoring of competitor prices and inventory
  • Capture images & descriptions to enrich online travel listings
  • Customer sentiment monitoring
  • Market intelligence
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Data Solutions For Travel & Hospitality

Marketing & Sales

  • Lead generation & market research
  • Monitoring brand reputation
  • Competitive research, market analysis, trend analysis, etc.
  • SEO & content marketing
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Data Solutions For Marketing & Sales

Equity & Financial Research

  • Market data aggregation for equity research
  • Sentiment analysis by monitoring news articles, social media & discussion boards
  • Capture data from SEC filings, financial statements, etc.
  • Alternative web data
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Data Solutions For Equity & Financial Research

Jobs & Staffing Agencies

  • Market demand analysis by monitoring job boards (Ed-Tech)
  • Lead generation by analyzing job listings
  • Research & analytics - top in-demand skills, top locations etc.
  • Tracking competitors' job postings to uncover their next big move
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Data Solutions For Jobs & Staffing Agencies

Healthcare & Pharma

  • Acquire datasets for AI/ML model training from healthcare discussion forums and a range of other sources
  • Data aggregation for building healthcare applications, sales leads etc.
  • Assist new drug development by analyzing big data from the web
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Data Solutions For Healthcare & Pharma

Other Industries

  • Real Estate: Mine public records to generate leads, extract estimates & predictions data from listing websites, predict trends
  • Government & NGO: Source data for prediction modeling, monitor social trends
  • Academia: Gather data for research, machine learning model training, natural language processing etc.
  • Insurance: Risk mitigation, monitoring rating changes
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Other Industries