Easy access to web data, for everyone!

Our mission is to enable organizations take advantage of web data - the largest and fastest growing data source on earth - in a frictionless & cost-efficient way.

In today's data driven world, web data can be used to gain competitive advantage, market intelligence, process efficiencies and much more. However, scraping the web, especially at scale, requires a specialized skill set due to the dynamic and complex nature of the modern web. CrawlNow is your reliable partner which fully manages all of your data collection operations, so you could stay focused on your core business.

Our Story

Our founder built bots for Bing Search

CrawlNow was founded with a goal to create a level playing field for access to web data. Even those who do not have resources that Microsoft & Google do, should be able to derive intelligence from the world's largest data source.

While working at Microsoft and other big tech for 15 years, and having built web crawlers for Bing Search, our founder witnessed how valuable web data can be, for any organization, and what it takes to make it accessible.

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Leadership Team

Founded by Silicon Valley veterans

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CrawlNow's leadership has a track record of delivering internet scale software at the world's best tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook & Salesforce.

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Hafiz Hamid

CEO & Founder

After 15 years of engineering leadership at big tech, Hafiz founded CrawlNow out of his passion for data. At Microsoft, he led the team that developed web crawlers to gather content for Bing Search. As one of the early engineers at Lyft, he led the development of a big data ingest platform to make real-time event data accessible across the company. Hafiz is a CS graduate from University of Washington.

Hafiz Hamid

Fahim ul Haq


Fahim is a successful tech entrepreneur and executive. He advises CrawlNow on the business side. He is the CEO & Co-Founder of Educative - the fastest growing online learning platform for tech professionals. Before Educative, he worked at Facebook and Microsoft for a decade. He was one of the founding engineers on Microsoft's Azure Storage division. Fahim holds a master's degree from University of Washington.

Fahim ul Haq



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