Data Solutions For Healthcare & Pharma

Leverage Web Scraping To Drive Healthcare Advancements

From market research to training complex AI models, web data holds several benefits for healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Large volumes of medical data available online is a resourceful asset to researchers. It can also help health insurance companies manage risk and offer superior products. Pharmaceutical companies can leverage web data to make ground-breaking advancements in drug development. 

To help achieve your goals in the healthcare industry, CrawlNow can scrape the right data from a variety of public sources, and deliver it regularly as structured feeds. Would you like to discuss your requirements for web data extraction? Let’s talk.

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Source the Right Data To Propel Your Healthcare And Pharmaceutical Research

Leverage a variety of online sources to gather datasets for machine learning model training.

Power market research and healthcare applications by scraping medical information across a range of health-related portals.

Assist new drug development by analyzing big data from the web.

Common Use Cases For Web Scraping In Healthcare And Pharma

Train Machine Learning Models With Publicly Sourced Datasets

Machine learning is used to improve the accuracy and efficacy of treatment in an extensive range of health applications. Machine learning applications, such as the modern EHR management systems, consume large volumes of datasets for training AI models. These advanced data-driven systems help pathologists make quicker and accurate diagnosis, pick the right candidates for new treatments and much more. CrawlNow helps you source quality web data to feed your machine learning applications. 

Acquire Data For Powering Healthcare Dashboards And Applications

Populating healthcare dashboards typically involves aggregating medicine information from different pharmaceutical company pages, doctors’ profiles from hospital websites and more. Automate these workflows by using CrawlNow’s web scraping services. We will scrape information from sources of your choice and deliver them to you as structured, machine-readable data feeds. Our mature technology and expertise in the web scraping space will save you time and money that you can spend on furthering your core business.

Perfect Compositions Through Data-Driven Product Tracking

Web data is the backbone for any newly launched medicine’s post market monitoring, which is a vital part of the drug development process. By scraping listings, reviews and ratings for specific keywords on retailer sites, you can track the efficacy and any unforeseen side effects associated with new products launched by your pharmaceutical company. CrawlNow helps you source publicly available data on your preferred parameters, while you use it for analysis and perfecting drug compositions based on the findings. 

Extract Posts And Discussions From Online Health Forums

There’s a treasure of valuable, but unstructured, content available on online health forums and discussion boards. Whether you want to gather information to study the impact of high blood pressure on the patient’s lifestyle or the possible side effects of a surgical procedure, CrawlNow can help source and structure this data and deliver it in a format ready for your natural language processing and data science pipelines. 

Aggregate Data To Assist New Drugs Research

News, articles, research papers, journals and online books offer a wealth of information to assist drug development. Instead of employing people to browse through web pages, collecting and compiling data for you, let CrawlNow deliver machine-readable data feeds in a fraction of the time. Analyze the characteristics and statistics of new and evolving diseases, COVID-19 and its variants, for example, to speed up the data aggregation processes in the preliminary stages of drug development.

Optimize Insurance Models By Tracking Healthcare Requirements

Understanding the pressing health issues in a geographical area is critical to health insurers in designing tangible insurance models. Keeping your insurance policies in sync with the healthcare requirements of the day and competitor’s offerings means access to a continuous stream of web data, which is where CrawlNow can help. Our web data extraction services can process any amount of healthcare data and transform it into a format which can be directly consumed by your business intelligence applications.